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AchieveAbleOT offers a wide range of evaluations and therapies to help your child, including:


  • OT Evaluation and Treatment
  • Feeding Therapy
  • Neurodevelopmental Treatment
  • Handwriting Assessment and Intervention
  • Sensory Integration Therapy
  • Early Intervention
  • Training in Activities of Daily Living
  • Addressing Executive Functioning and Emotional Regulation Skills
  • Small Sensorimotor Groups
  • Prevocational Training

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We provide pediatric OT services in Queens and Western Nassau, NYC CPSE and CSE, private insurance, and private pay.

We accept:

Department of Education related services for both pre-school and school-aged children (CPSE, RSA)

Most major health insurance plans including Aetna, Cigna, Empire BCBS, United Healthcare, etc.

Private pay and out of network benefits.

We specialize in the treatment of various developmental, genetic, behavioral, and neurological conditions.  

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The Home For Our Little Champs.
Where Kids Become Achievers!


The Sensory Gym


Upcoming Events

Half-day Summer Camp 2022

This summer, AchieveAble OT provides children ages 3-5 with an engaging schedule of hands-on experiences, meaningful socialization, physical activities, and emergent writing/handwriting practic



What People Say
About Us

We enjoy the warm, friendly environment; gentle, hopeful, and joyful manner at AchieveAble OT. They gave great recommendations for a parent to support child at home and answering questions that may arise. We seek AchieveAble OT every year to serve both my sons. It’s wonderful to feel like someone dependable and has up-to-date expertise on your team. We have seen both children enjoy going to the center and their skills increasing. With one, the quality and quantity of his writing has improved. With the other, he was also assisted in daily living skills which was a pleasant surprise. We love everything you do. You help me help my children
Jessica P.

My son had sensory issues and delay in fine motor skills. He is now able to feed himself. His grasp is stronger and he manipulates objects and toys better with less assistance. Attention has also improved. His OT is nurturing and attentive to my son’s needs. She’s very patient and knowledgeable, and provides practical activities which we can incorporate in our daily routine. To AchieveAble OT, keep up the good work!
Marna F.

Layla loves playing with Miss Faye and she has made so much progress in catching up with her developmental milestones. The adaptiveness of the therapy approach has helped Layla progress so much week by week. We are very happy with everything! With her becoming more independent… my back also is hurting much less now that I don’t have to carry her everywhere. 🙂
Kaitlin G

Ynes loves her OT! They take the time to educate parents and discuss the plan of care, as well as the treatment progress… focuses on the individual client and tailors her sessions according to the specific child’s needs, patterns, behavior, personalities. Faye also takes time to coordinate with Ynes’ teacher so that appropriate treatment methods are integrated in the classroom setting. We see decreased use of self-stimulatory behaviors, increased self-awareness and ability to redirect/refocus attention to task at hand. We are more equipped with specific tools that help us manage our daughter’s symptoms, and we have a much clearer plan on how to integrate treatment strategies into our family routine.
Pinky M.